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We are paving new and innovative ways for the battle against metabolic diseases.

We believe that especially metabolic diseases are to some extent unavoidable consequences of modern lifestyle and of the benefits our civilisation offers. Furthermore, an ever-growing world population depends on the production of energy-dense foodstuffs.

Our medical products aim at personalised medicine, very early intervention, and ultimately stopping and reversing the progress of these diseases. Our goal is to increase the quality of life for patients and offer them a carefree perspective.

In the long run we plan to expand our solutions to obesity related cancers as well.


Lipocyte BioMed GmbH was founded in 2014. It continues the research of the ZHG Centre for Human Genetics at the University of Bremen.

Lipocyte BioMed original name was Lipozyt Marker GmbH; a rebranding was done to emphasise the coverage of diagnostics and therapeutics.

We have secured our ground breaking work in the areas of AI-based mRNA-analysis of the subcutaneous adipose tissue by a series of patents and patent applications.