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We target a wide range of metabolic diseases

Our current focus is on metabolic diseases. For many of these diseases a common denominator is the dysfunction of the energy metabolism.

Our first solutions for personalised medicine are for Type-2-Diabetes (T2D) and non-inflammatory and inflammatory non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD/NASH). We plan to expand the scope of our platform technology to further diseases such as nephritis, cardio-vascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, chronic inflammation, and others.

In the long run we intend to expand our platform to sorts of obesity related cancers such as types of breast cancer and prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, oesophageal and renal carcinomas as well as possibly pancreatic cancers and multiple myelomas.

Breaking new ground for
diagnostics, therapeutics and prevention


mRNA-analysis of the SAT offers deep and completely new insights into the energy metabolism. Especially with metabolic diseases the current dynamics of the body and influences over life-time play a far greater role than genetic dispositions

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The key to successful treatment of metabolic diseases lies in the intervention with disease-causing on-going biological processes. As the mRNA of the SAT are to a great extent the drivers of pathology of these diseases, they offer a strong lever for therapy.

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A great advantage of mRNA-analysis of the subcutaneous adipose tissue lies in the very early detection of unhealthy developments of the metabolism long before any signs can be seen in blood-analysis or any symptoms become apparent. It is, therefore, a powerful component in preventive personalised medicine.

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